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Jasmine Ronaldin

My husband and I have been providing lodgings for boarders for quite some time now. We were thinking about expanding and decided on a loft extension. We decided to give as much privacy as possible to the tenant as we would like for ourselves. We wanted a bathroom, a small kitchen area and of course […]

John Holland

I always wanted to have a library or reading room in my house. However, with kids and working from home there never really was any space. I decided it was time for a loft conversion. A friend recommended Loft extensions as she had recently converted her loft into a study for her kids. I contacted […]

Adam Brandon

I was starting a new business and desperately need some cheap office space. I decided on a loft extension. I wouldn’t be getting customers at home, I just needed the space for some peace and while I work. I contacted the team at Loft Extensions and now the conversion is beautiful. The loft looks lovely […]

Brad Bukovsky

My children are growing up and everybody seems to need their own space. The girls don’t want to share their room anymore and well boys will be boys. I wanted to add more space to my existing semi-detached house as I like the area we are in presently and I contacted Loft Extension and they […]