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Our Rear extensions services in London Gives your Property a new and improved Look

Extending your home could be one of the best investments, you will ever make. Signing up for a rear extension for your home saves you the trouble of selling your home and moving to a new home to meet your increasing family needs. ACB loft extensions are committed to giving you the house of your dreams by rear extensions services in London.

Rear Extensions Services in London
Rear Extensions Services London

Our Motto:

Don’t move when you can improve

We believe that rear extension is a smart and economical way to create more space. It is ideal for enhancing and enlarging, rather than moving to new premises. We assure you that the invaluable experience, we have gained over the years is continually being utilised to accommodate the latest proven building methods.

While planning an extension, we take into consideration each and every detail of the project and design an extension which gives you maximum space and integrates seamlessly into the existing building. Other elements we consider are:

  • Extension shouldn’t affect the neighbours in any way
  • Your privacy isn’t disturbed
  • Placement of trees in and around your property
  • Council regulations

Building Your Dreams:

At ACB loft extensions, we value the ideas and opinions of our esteemed clients. To translate your dreams into reality, we require your help. Therefore, we take your needs and initial ideas to create a concept within time and budget. We take the time to sit with you and discuss the ideas. Together we come up with a perfect design, whether it is a sitting room or a bedroom construction.

We understand that your home is the asset that you have worked hard to own and maintain. Therefore, we take great pride in serving your extension needs. For further details about Rear extensions services in London, feel free to drop a message. Need more space? Get our rear extension services in London, A smart and economical way to create more space to your property with a new and improved look.

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