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Loft Extensions services All around in London

Every homeowner is faced by the problem of less space in the home, but there are ways which you can adopt and convert your empty unusable space into an extra room what you have always wished for. One of the very common ways we all are familiar is the loft extension, it is one the best way to add additional space in your house by converting your loft in an additional bedroom, a gym, recreational room or your office.

Then the big question mark which arises is that, from where you may start and to answer and find solutions to all those problem the team of Loft Extension can help you with all your loft extension services, delivering extensive services in different parts of London like; Loft extension services east LondonLoft extension services South London, Loft extension services South west LondonLoft extension services North LondonLoft Extensions services North West London.

Loft extension not only will add up space in your house but it will also add up value to your property and according to an estimate around 18 to 20 %. So if you might plan to put your property on sale in the future you might get the return on your investment which you have invested as loft extension.

Is your loft can be extended?

Before you even start to plan your loft extension you will have to see, whether your loft can be extended or not you will have to take certain measurements like the height; take measurement from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist, if the space between these two points is above 2.2meters than it’s a good indicators, after that you have to measure the pitch of the roof if the pitch is 30 degrees and higher than its okay. As a minimum rule of thumb, internal walls should measure 5,500mm side to side inclusive of chimney and 7,500mm front to back. If you are in and around the above as a minimum then you should be able to convert.

The next and very important step in the process of your loft extension is to check the rules and regulations with the building regulations. After that you can search for a good loft extension services construction company. You can take three or more quotes from three or more contractors and see and select what’s best for you.

There might be some pitfalls in your loft extension and one of the most common one is stairs, there are certain limitation and concerns related to them. Plumbing is another factor which you have to be careful and seek professional recommendation along with the insulation system of the house. Loft extension is possible with careful planning and corrects designs and with the professional help of a loft extension contractor, you might be able to add an extra room in your house and can enjoy the extra space what you have lacked in the past.


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