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Create an Eco-Friendly Loft Extension

Eco- friendly approach is basically the way of life which promotes natural and healthy living. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly or nature friendly is basically all the same terms, referring to the safety procedures and guidelines that claim reduced, minimal or no harm to the environment. In this article we will go through how we can create an eco-friendly loft extension.

Loft extension are often a very good option for the home owner to enjoy extra space in their homes, creating an energy efficient room which absorbs the heat without discharging it into the environment; which also severs the purpose of not harming the environment.

Process of Eco-friendly loft extension

The whole process of Eco-friendly approach means that you will be using natural, recycled and having low or no impact on the environment and when these materials are no longer in use they are completely biodegradable means  simply can be consumed by microorganisms, compostable makes the further specific demand that the object break down under composting conditions.

Let’s go through some eco-friendly options for your eco-friendly loft extension.

  1. Use of wood or timber

The use of timber in the process of your loft conversion is totally environmental friendly then the use of bricks and concrete. Using timber in your loft extension could be a very cost effective way rather than going for the option of bricks and concrete. It allows you to have a space where you can breathe, rather than having a congested and suffocated area. Make sure you use Sustainable timber refers to timber that has been harvested responsibly.

  1. Using the eco-friendly material for you roof

The very common example of using the recycled material for your roof is using the shingles which are made from wood fibers or recycled rubber; these options are environmentally friendly as well. Another very important and cost efficient decision you can make is to plan the guttering system of the roof to collect the rain water and use it for your garden, washing your porches and car parks which is an excellent idea to be more energy efficient.

  1. Ways of insulation

Another very important step in your eco-friendly loft extension will be to make your loft a space which you can enjoy in the winter an as well as in the summers, which is only possible by using the insulation in your roof. For roof insulation also there are sustainable and organic options like sheep fleece which is an excellent choice of insulation and works perfectly in summers to reduce the heat and in winters to regain the heat. You just have to be careful to check for the treated ones which minimize the risk of insect infestations and fire. The use of recycled wood fiber boards also serves the same purpose, and having its eco-friendly characteristics it will make your space breathable.

  1. Adopt an approach which gives you the vibes of eco-friendliness

While designing the interior of your loft extension you can carry on with the same theme of eco-friendliness, like your storage made of timber, use of lighting focusing on the energy efficient options like LED bulbs, going for eco-friendly paint options which is not only good for the environment but also good for your health, and if you are considering to go for a wallpaper you can have the option of the recycled wall paper for your eco-friendly loft extension. If your loft extension has a bathroom you can make it energy efficient by using the water which was collected during the rain and selecting the LED light bulbs.

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